Your Ultimate Guide To Ramen

Dear blog,

I am beyond sorry for neglecting you for so long, but life has been BUSY. Forgive me?



Anyway — it’s time for me to finally share with you all that list I made so long ago about the best ramen, as discovered by myself and all of you. So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Here are my recs:

Ani Ramen, Montclair & Jersey City, NJ

This is the first place I EVER ate ramen at, and it was one of the best. As my friend Kerry always says, their wings are a must-try.

Ki Ramen, Pittsburgh PA

I took my sister here when she was visiting, and I highly suggest their inferno ramen. The spice level is different in every bite, so you’re constantly on your toes about how spicy each bite will be. Plus, I highly recommend their ramen for takeout.

Some of my other recs:

  1. Meijin Ramen, NYC

  2. Tatsu Ramen, NYC

Aaaaand the recs from my followers:

  1. Jinya Ramen, Nationwide

  2. Tatsumaki Ramen, Oklahoma

  3. Meinkui-Tei, NYC

  4. Ramen Tatsuya, Austin, Texas

  5. Bone Daddies, England

  6. Rokurinsha Ramen, Tokyo Station

  7. Ivan Ramen, NYC

  8. Ramen Nagomi, New Brunswick, NJ

  9. Mecca Noodle Bar, Fairfield, CT

  10. Santouka Ramen, Boston, MA

  11. Ipuddo, NYC

  12. Big Bowls Little Plates, Rutherford

  13. Everyday Noodles, Pittsburgh, PGH

  14. Sakuramen, DC

Did I miss your fave spot? Email me at to let me know!