Hi, it’s Hungry Grl.

You’ve probably seen me while scrolling through your Facebook feed holding a 10-pound Moscow Mule, or a photo I’ve taken of one of my favorite bagel orders (whole wheat everything bagel with cream cheese and tomato) as your checking out the explorer page on IG, or maybe even IRL at your local coffee shop.

In case any of the above is true, I’d like to introduce myself not only as “that food girl from Instagram” but also by my birth name: Jessica Iacullo. But you can call me Jess.

Born and raised in New Jersey, I have always understood the importance of an ideal pizza toppings to crust ratio and how to spot an amazing bagel from one that tastes like cardboard. I've also endlessly debated the "gravy or sauce" question and joined in many traditional 'Sunday Dinners.' But at the end of the day, I'm just a girl that likes to eat and tell other people about it. What started as “just” an Instagram page to pass the time during my college days has boomed into my full-time job working with brands like Cosmopolitan Magazine, Kraft Heinz, Forbes, Jets, Boars Head, Baked By Melissa, Business Insider, various Food Network Chefs, Citi Bank, US Open, McDonald's, Love Your Melon, Her Campus, and Little Words Project… just to name a few. In the years since I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, came back to NYC, and have since returned to the 412, I have also developed my journalistic skills for both my website and outside publications as well as creating a newsletter that I can call my own.

What’s more, I’ve become an expert and reliable figure to businesses and individuals looking to increase their social media presence, develop their brand identity, capture their content in a new light, redesign their websites, and much, much more. But don’t worry, I’m still running that OG Instagram page too.

So, who exactly is Hungry Grl? I like to think she's a cross of Guy Fieri and Carrie Bradshaw: a huge appetite for all things fried and an even bigger serving of sass. No matter what you like to eat or where you live, I hope in some way this page inspires your next meal, trip, or big life move in some way, and my services can help your business or personal brand image to help you reach your own goals.

Cheers to full plates and always staying hungry. 


Hungry Grl