Friday, October 19th: Boats, Bowls & Big Breaks

So as you can tell, I’m cheating. Today is Sunday, not Friday, but please don’t judge. Friday was a busy day and I didn’t have time to sit down and recap the overwhelming amount of exciting news I have from the week prior. Still love you guys though, hope you also still feel the same about me.

As you can also tell, I’m clearly on one (the one being coffee) and I’m in the mood for a good alliteration, hence my article title. However, my heart is also catching all of the feels because somehow I’ve hit 32,000 followers on Instagram. RT if you cried, because I would be lying if I told you I didn’t. This is just one of the many many signs that being back in Pittsburgh is so beyond right for growing my brand and business, and it would not be possible without every single one of my followers.

So, to celebrate, let’s get to it. I have some exciting offers for you as well as some fun fall things to do if you’re in the ‘burgh:

  1. I’m On A Boat

    Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to dine and explore on a Gateway Clipper Boat with one of my all-time favorite restaurant owners and chefs, Chef Derek of Round Corner Cantina. As we all know, I’m probably THE biggest fan of Cantina, and being able to spend a night with Derek himself is an experience I’ll never forget. While we’re here, be sure to try his other spots as well, including El Burro and Umami.

  2. Pizza For Days

    Being from Jersey, I’m picky about my ‘za. If it’s supposed to be dipped in ranch, I want zero part in it. However, I had the opportunity to meet Tony and his team at V3 in Lawrenceville, which taught me the importance of industry ovens and that fresh ingredients really do make or break a pizza. Tony let me get my hands dirty (jk I wore gloves) and I made my own pizza; each personal pizza is $8 and can be topped with unlimited toppings, including banana peppers, locally sourced cheeses, and organic basil. Tony is a character and please tell him I say hi when you stop in.

  3. Bracelets For A Cause

    I’ve partnered with one of my long-time supporters, Sashka Co., to provide my followers with 20% off every order! Not only are their bracelets super cute, but each one is different and are made by women in Nepal. Part of each sale goes to these women in Nepal to ensure that they stay employed and are above the poverty level. Use code HUNGRYGRL20 for 20% off and use THIS LINK to shop ‘til you drop.

  4. Class Is In Session

    Continuing my discounts for all of you lovely people, there’s always room to learn more. Whether it’s a class about the best photoshop practices to some tips on freelancing successfully, Skill Share wants me to give you two months of free classes. If you’re interested in learning some new skills or you just need to sharpen the ones you already have, CLICK HERE to explore your Skill Share options for free.

  5. Did Someone Say Tacos?

    IT ME. Lawrenceville is now home to Condado Taco’s second location. Read the full scoop here.

  6. Are You Talkin’ To Me?

    Yes, I am. Girasole in Shady Side is legit Sunday Dinner goals. From a curated fall menu to the wine cellar-like dining area, it’s the ultimate date spot or family dinner destination. And be sure to not miss Patti’s pizzelles. Don’t believe me? Read all about it here.

  7. Livin’ That Freelance Life

    All my fellow freelancers or small business owners, rejoice. Industrious, located on the 31st floor of PPG, wants to give you a week free of co-working space. With amazing views, Commonplace Coffee and snacks on tap, and office place #goals, this is an amazing opportunity to see if co-working is your speed. Enter my giveaway here.

  8. Can I Have A Personal Chef At All Times?

    Last week, my amazing friend had a wonderful dinner party equipped with all of the city views and cheese a grl could ask for. Thank you to The Fuzzy Belly for the chili powder-dusted macarons and Shannon for being the hostess with the mostess.

  9. It’s Spooky Szn

    Trick or treat? I’m definitely not tricking you when I say that Row House will be playing Halloween movies for the rest of the month. Last week I saw Hocus Pocus and for some reason, it was that much more fun seeing it on the big screen. Plus, their popcorn is delicious AND they’re connected to Bierport so you can bring in your favorite brew for all of the boo’s (lol).

Aaaaand, that’s a wrap! What did you do this week? Let me know at