Calling All Pitt Students: How To Make the Most of Port Authority

As a Pitt student, I know the limited food options on Forbes are on an exhausted rotation - Chipotle Monday, Panera Tuesday, Hello Bistro Wednesday, Roots Thursday…

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good burrito bowl (and yes, I KNOW guac is extra), but sometimes the same old thing gets, well, old. 

 Luckily for Pitt students, our Panther card also gives us access to Port Authority transportation, AKA a free ticket out of Oakland. So, if you have just a little bit of extra time, try switching up the routine with these restaurants that are just a bus ride away and not too rough on the wallet. 

If you’re tired of Sushi Fuku try… Kahuna Poke and Juice Bar

Buses that take you there: 71B, 71C, P3, 75


Kahuna Poke and Juice Bar is a one-stop shop for poke bowls, juice, and of course, a cute Instagram pic. Try one of their poke bowls ($10 for regular, $13 for large) with either a signature bowl or your own creation. You can get the leftovers to-go for a mini-meal for later, and, if you’re feeling like you want to treat yourself, you can get a fresh smoothie or bottle of juice for the bus ride back. Also a plus - their restaurant features a pretty wall MADE for Instagram stories.

If you’re tired of Hello Bistro try… Honeygrow

Buses that take you there: 71B, 71C, P3, 75


Feeling the warm food / salad combo? Honeygrow has both. Their menu features stir-fry bowls and salads AND fresh juices (my roommate swears by their lemonade) and a make-your-own dessert with seasonal fruit.

If you’re tired of Prince of India try… Choolaah

Buses that take you there: 71B, 71C, P3, 75


Choolaah is basically Indian food served in a chic setting with too many options to choose from. The slogan says it all: “Life’s too short to eat boring.” Their menu features bowls, wraps, snacks, and sides, all in generous portions and packed with flavor.

IMG_9961 PS.jpg

If you’re tired of the Porch try… the Vandal 

Bus that takes you there: 93


Upscale, boujee, but still not crazy overpriced - the Vandal has got you covered for lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekends. Dinner can get a lil expensive, but brunch and lunch options are under $20 but still have fancy-sounding ingredients and are very photogenic. 


If you’re tired of Salud Juicery try... The Pittsburgh Juice Company 

Bus that takes you there: 54 


Craving fruit? Skip the overpriced on-campus fruit (like $1 for a single banana) and try the Pittsburgh Juice Company to hit the spot. Their menu features vibrant, fresh juices, superfood smoothies and smoothie bowls, elixirs and shots, coffee or tea for your caffeine needs, or small, healthy bites. Smoothies can cost up to $10, but it beats paying $1 for a single banana.

If you’re tired of Starbucks try… Constellation Coffee

Buses that takes you there: 54, 93


If you’re gonna pay for your caffeine instead of using a Keurig, you might as well go all the way out. Constellation Coffee is perfect for a grind sesh to power through that paper you’ve been putting off, featuring pretty latte art, a relaxing cafe setting, and a whole lot of natural lighting (for when the sun decides to show up in Pittsburgh). Snap a picture of your coffee with your laptop in the back, throw it on your snap story, and ~pretend~ like you’re finishing that paper that was assigned three weeks ago.