A Day In The Life Of Hungry Grl: Eyewear Addition

If you’re a religious follower of mine, you may have seen my posts highlighting my pairs of Phonetic Eyewear glasses ( here they are in case you’re curious) and how they fit into my work and social lives. I first heard of them through my friends at grlpwrpgh, where I was a speaker at a conference they held in late April. The thought of having glasses specifically for screen-usage never crossed my mind before; I have a prescription for being nearsighted, which I would wear in class, while driving, and sometimes out and about in my daily life.

However, learning more about Phonetic made me realize how important blue-light blocking glasses were, especially for what I do every single day. My screen-time is sometimes up to 8 hours a day… just on my phone! Working in social media and marketing has come with it many changes and adjustments, especially when it comes to my time and health.

So, I decided to make the leap and purchase my first pair of Phonetic Glasses at the conference. To be honest, I was so in love with the first pair of frames I tired on that it was really 60% a fashion choice at the time (judge me it’s okay). However, since my first pair, I’ve realized how much more I can focus and how less fatigued I feel, especially throughout the day (let’s be real, that freelancing life allows for ample nap-time during the day). I also have less headaches and can power through a day’s worth of work comfortably and without feeling like my eyes are being strained after an hour.

Now, I have two pairs of Phonetic glasses and they’re constantly being rotated out of my work bags on the reg; no matter where I’m running to, who I’m seeing, or what I’m working on, focusing on my eye health and prioritizing lenses made specifically for screen usage has truly changed my everyday working life.

No matter if you need non-prescription lenses just for helping your eyes adjust to screens like me or if you’re interested in prescription Phonetic lenses, check out the most latest designs here and use code hungrygrl for 15% off.


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