Hungry Grl Abroad: Delicious & Interesting London Markets

The following blog post is from the point of view of my intern, Sarah, who is spent last semester studying in London, England.

The City of London has a variety of unique markets all across its many boroughs. If you’re planning on traveling across the pond in the near future, London markets need to be a staple on your itinerary. While living in London, I was fortunate enough to visit five different markets that are musts if you’re new to the city and want to find a unique souvenir or a delicious international taste.

Borough Market

The first market that I would highly recommend is the almost entirely all food market located in the borough of Southwark. In this market you’re immediately greeted (like many of the others) with enticing international smells with hefty amounts of samples all around. I especially saw a large amount of cheese samples which is said to be better in Britain! I ate there twice having a flavorful onion roll at Bread Ahead my first visit, and Bao my second trip where I was treated to a delicious vegan South Korean Bao from Eat Chay which I still fantasize about.

Greenwich Market  and Old Spitalfields Market

My visit to the beautiful Greenwich Market also had a wide variety of international food, but was more so split between food and craft/souvenir items. From going there multiple times I learned that they also switch up what is featured inside the market so you’re guaranteed to have at least one new option the next time you go. When I went, I had a super tasty Argentinian style empanada from Andes Empanadas and the free samples of fudge from the Fudge Patch I got were heavenly!

 Old Spitalfields Market is similar to Greenwich Market, both having international delights along with fun items to view and buy, but it’s in a much different location which makes the two differ. Greenwich Market is in a more historical and Royal area while Spitalfield has more of the unique beautiful graffiti that I couldn’t get enough of.  

Camden Market

Camden Market was my all-time favorite because it just went on and on with endless amounts of interesting things. My first trip there I stayed in the artistic section where I saw beautiful uniquely crafted items and amazing gifts for people. I bought a particular print for myself along with two more of the same one for my uncles because of how much I liked it! Along with the normal cute stores, if you continue to explore, you’ll find the food portion that’s filled with international delights like the Cheeky Tikka Chicken burger I got from Baba G’s Bhangra Burger . My sweet tooth was also more than satisfied when I was introduced to the cookie dough ice cream stand of Naked Dough. My mouth was watering with all the sweets, but the stores were also noteworthy! There was a rave store filled with fun printed items, along with a variety of different things to buy, all surrounded by the beautiful canal scenery and art that Camden has all around it.  

Portobello Road Market

Lastly, I briefly had the pleasure of going through the Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill, which is the largest antique market in the world. This market was filled with interesting pieces along with having an array of international foods as is the tradition of markets in the global city of London.