We Asked The Pros: Here Are Duquesne University Students' Favorite Spots

The following blog post is from the point of view of my Pittsburgh-based & Duquesne Senior Content Creator Intern, Makenna, who is graduating so soon (and even has her own foodie Gram)! She took to the streets (and asked her IG followers) what spots Duke’s students frequent the most. Here’s what she discovered…

Could Hungry Grl really forget the Dukes? Of course not! And that’s why I’m here — Dukes, I got you.

Listen, I know Pitt has double the amount of students we do, and its campus is pretty much an entire neighborhood. But hey, The Bluff is important too. And it’s got some really amazing spots that are near gold.

As a Duke myself, I’ve come to find the treasured spots near campus. And with the help of friends (and IG polls), Hungry Grl and I have mapped Pittsburgh’s best spots for us Dukes on this side of the river.

For Coffee (AKA I have 2 exams this week and averaged 3 hours of sleep the past week.)

Delanie’s Coffee & Tea: A fan fave! Good coffee, amazing breakfast, lunch, and grilled cheeses. And don’t worry, there are fantastic vegetarian options for us veggies out there. The space features exposed brick walls, an upper floor with a super cool view, and open windows when it’s nice out. Get to East Carson early though, because this place gets packed (with good reason).

Big Dog Coffee: You know it, you love it. Bagels, oatmeal, pastries, coffee coffee coffee. Greaaaat vibes for studying, getting work done, or just hangin’ with friends. A bit more quiet than Delanie’s because it’s tucked behind east Carson. But note that this spot still gets packed, so be timely. Also try an Italian soda come the summer time, it’s not to miss.

Gasoline Street Coffee: Tucked away right bean the the underpass, GSC is such an underrated place for coffee and bagels. It’s quaint, comfy, and has some serious character (also it’s an 8 minute walk from campus, so you can easily hop over there between classes)

For a Night Out (AKA its Friday and money and calories don’t matter.)

Condado Tacos: UGH is all I can say (Don’t worry, in a good way). So well priced, especially for happy hour, good margs (21+ only obviously, Dukes), and aaaamazing guac. Plus, it’s a quick 10-15 minute walk to the downtown location. Super fun on the weekends, or even for lunch if you’re trying to get away from campus for a sec. Can’t say enough good things about this place. 👏🏼

Thai Me Up: BYOB and Thai food… what an amazing combo. Perfect for a weekend night with your gals or guys. It’s the definition of comfort food and good booze… if you’re of age. This spot is located right off of East Carson on 23rd. It’s actually soooo close to everything but somehow it went under my radar for over 2 years as a Duke. Please, promise me that you won’t make the same mistake I did!

For Desserts (AKA I studied for 8 hours, I deserve a treat.)  

The Milkshake Factory: With just a quick walk downtown, heaven is in your hands. Trust me, I swear. Literally order anything off of this menu (get Jake’s Shake tho, highly recommend) and you’ll be happy. Also, we have to talk about the aesthetic for a sec. TMF is no diner; it’s gorgeous with its chic black and white tile, marble-tops, and glam chandeliers. I’m just saying you can get a dope IG pick while also drinking a stellar milkshake at the same time (and, who doesn’t love that?). 🍦

Fudge Farm: Wyd on Wednesday nights? Mark your calendars between 4-6 because it’s happy hour and shakes (ANY OF ‘EM) are only $2. TWO DOLLARS. That was not a typo. For those insanely deluxe and amazing shakes? Sign me up. Choose from chocolate, fudge, Oreos, waffles, strawberries, and so much more. Seriously, they’ve got it all. It’s about a 15-20 min walk from campus and worth every single step, especially with the weather actually acting like spring.

For Saturday Morning (AKA I need water and carbs.)

Nadine’s: Meet the smallest little hole in the wall right off of 27th. Every square inch of this place is so familiar. In other words, this is a dive bar Pittsburgh classic (PLUS, Guy Fieri has been here). It’s perfect for getting some carbs and eggs in after a night out. The price point is inexpensive and has such a welcoming staff. It truly feels like you’re in a small-town bar in here.

Local Bar + Kitchen: Can’t spell brunch without ‘U’ (literally) so seriously, you HAVE to get to Local for brunch. Omelettes and waffles and mimosas and coffee, gimme it all. 💃🏻 Local is actually good anytime of the day, no matter if you’re going for brunch, dinner, or drinks. There’s an open-ceiling top floor and open windows during summertime, people. Check this place out before you graduate, ooookay?

Cheap and Easy and Reaaaal Good (AKA I’m broke and hungry.)

Mike & Tony’s Gyros: Gyros… need I say more? Here’s a huge fan favorite by Dukes. A great stop along East Carson before a night out, or before heading home. Just down right gooooood.

Benny Fierro’s: I know I don’t have to tell you about Benny’s. The definition of HUGE pizza slices bigger than your head for $4. Also, BYOB if you need it but seriously the pizza is plenty to fill you up. It might as well be free with how good of a deal this is. And it’s open until 3AM. 👏🏼

Doce Taqueria: Lest we not forget tacos. 🌮 This is East Carson’s finest spot for tacos (in my humble opinion). It’s right on 12th so it’s literally a 10-15 minute walk from campus (because, convenience). I actually can’t keep talking about it because I’m getting hungry thinking about it. PSA: they have vegan and vegetarian options… talk about a HUGE bonus.

For a Night-in/Postmates (AKA a girls-night-in because we're all dead broke and don’t care enough to leave the house.)

Gino’s Pizza: Duke South Siders (aka 75% of us) know a good slice when we see (or eat) one. 🍕 Which is why it makes sense that Gino’s is on this list. Call and order some for a night in of grubbing and snuggling.

Pizza Milano’s: My on-campus friends, you’ve probably been here because heck, it’s basically ON campus. If you’re gettin’ tired of the caf and The Incline, walk 2 minutes down onto Forbes and grab a slice… orrrrr a whole pizza and snugs with your friends up in the dorm and watch a movie. There’s nothing better than that tbh.