Meet Chloe Svolos, Boston Food Expert (And Long-Time Instagram Friend)

Something I have been making more time to prioritize is having conversations with people that I admire and that are doing amazing things in this world, especially when it involves food. 

So when I saw that my Insta-friend, Chloe, (PSA I make a lot of friends via IG) was engaging in the Boston food scene, I had to reach out and feature her love for food. Plus, she also has a food-centric IG account, so there’s no way that we couldn’t be friends.

Recently, Chloe was diagnosed with cancer and took her journey to writing about it through her blog, 'The Other C Word.' Chloe's bravery and openness to share her journey, plus her love of food and writing, makes me beyond excited for the day we can be friends in person. 

Here’s a look at some of her favorite Boston eats:


Tatte Bakery (multiple locations: Cambridge, Fenway, Downtown, Brookline): Great aesthetic, super 'instagrammable' but also delicious, reasonably priced food with great inside and outside seating options. 

What to get: Shakshuka, breakfast sandwich on sourdough, or the french toast! Also, they make incredible iced matcha lattes.


I'm a HUGE pizza fan, so I recommend either of my two favorite pizza joints (a lot of people will tell you Pizzeria Regina is the best pizza in Boston, but I say that's wrong - though my third fave.) 

1. Pinocchio's Pizzeria: This is in Cambridge, right in Harvard Square. Super easy to get to on the red line, but also so much walking possible afterward on the Charles River to burn it all off. This is one of those hole in the wall places you can't find at first but once you go in, you'll see that it's a fan favorite. People like Mark Zuck (in his Harvard days), Steve Carrell, Ben and Matt, all love this place. There's basically every celebrity's face you could imagine hanging up on the walls. Get a large, EXTRA cheese pie (ask them to overcook it - trust me. they burn the cheese a little and it gets all runny and toasty - I'm drooling.) 

2. Tapestry: this is in Fenway area. It's a great little joint with inside/outside seating and the front half of the restaurant is like a bar/arcade type spot, and the back is a swanky wine-bar sit down area. Not only do they make PHENOM pizzas, they do $1 oysters in summer on Thursday nights (seated at the bar only!) I love the margherita pizza,however they make an amazing mushroom and potato pizza as well. 

3. If you're not a pizza person, may I suggest Cafeteria Boston. It's right on Newbury Street and you can sit outside and do some of the best people watching the city has to offer. The 'cafeteria club' with chicken is AMAZING, the bread is SO toasty and buttery, it melts right into your hands. My other favorite is the 'cafeteria cobb' which sounds generic and basic, but man is it good. Also goes wonderfully with a pitcher of their white sangria. Cheers!

Dinner/second lunch

Gourmet Dumpling House: Chinatown

What to get: what not to get? Seriously, this place is THE best. Must gets include: the scallion pancakes (truly THE best I've ever eaten), pan fried pork dumplings, curry noodle lo-mein (sounds more indian but TRUST it is delicious and made with vermicelli noodles so it's super slurpable), sauteed chinese watercress, and spicy salt and pepper peeled shrimp. Truly delicious, so many flavors, textures, temperatures, it's incredible. Also, white rice obviously for the table. 


There are SO many places in this city that make amazing desserts, treats, cakes, etc. But, I am a real sucker for ice cream. JP Licks is my favorite for so many reasons. They have seasonal flavors, let you sample EVERYTHING, and they make delicious products using local ingredients. I am a sucker for all things chocolate/PB, so I've been getting the 'Reese's PB sundae' for far too long - I can barely finish it myself, but it is SO good. Warm fudge, warm melty PB, over whatever ice cream you want with cherries, whipped cream and crunchy Reese’s bits on top. Amazing. 

Other recommendations

Flour: This bakery makes it ALL. It's an amazing place where you go too late in the day and the things you want are GONE. They make amazing breads, and it's one of those place I'll buy a loaf and eat it in a day. Croissants are also nothing to look past - the almond one is to DIE. (Cambridge, Brookline, Back Bay)

Jugo's: a fun little smoothie/acai bowl type place in the South End 

Buttermilk and Burbon: INCREDIBLE biscuts and fried chicken. Truly delicious (kind of pricy, but worth it) also make amazing cocktails. 

Hojoko: amazing sushi/great 70's vibes (Fenway)

Ganko Ittesu: Ramen and Ramen only. They only have like 5 things on their menu, and it's a place where you order before you sit down because they're so busy but it is WORTH it. (in Brookline)