Meet The Macaron Bar In East Liberty, Which Is Serving Up More Than Just Beautiful Macarons

I had a client text me the other day, “What is the difference between ‘Macaron’ and ‘Macaroon’?”

If you also face this conflict, here’s your solution: Macron versus Macaroon. You’re welcome.

Speaking of, did you know that there is now a new macaron spot in East Liberty, Macaron Bar? Well, now ya know.

From freshly made macarons that you can literally watch them make in the back to homemade meringues and Amoretti cookies, there’s something here for everyone. Plus, they’re serving up Passenger Coffee to go with your fave macarons.

If the name sounds familiar, you’re not wrong: they also have a spot in the Ross Park Mall. However, their new East Lib spot is a great location for those looking for an on-the-go (or sit down!) treat and cup of coffee, party dessert, or even a gift for a friend. Their branding and packaging is v photogenic.

So, the flavors, you ask? They usually rotate seasonal flavors out, however there are always the classics, like birthday cake that’s covered in rainbow sprinkles to red velvet. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to make your own macaron, they also offer macaron making classes for all levels right in their kitchen.

If you’re in the mood to satisfy your sweet tooth (and maybe also grab a cup of coffee in the process) be sure to check out Macaron Bar and their colorful ball lights — they’re hard to miss.