Hungry Grl Is Looking For An Intern!

The Grl behind Hungry Grl Big City is looking for an intern to help leverage the brand and develop its current look and presence in the Pittsburgh market… and beyond!

Hi guys, it’s me, Hungry Grl. As my brand has evolved, grown, and moved over this 3.5 year timeframe, I have finally reached the point where I need help! And STAT!

With the development of a newsletter to meme creation, I can no longer take on all of the new partnerships and opportunities of my own brand by myself as I continue to grow my client work. I am on the hunt for someone that is as passionate about food and creating as I am. Networking and photography skills aren’t a must, but appreciated!

Who am I looking for?

A Pittsburgh student who loves all things social, branding, and food and wants to grow their social media and marketing experience. This person has a passion for discovering new restaurants, staying on-top of lifestyle trends, staying up-to-date through news outlets, online publications, newsletters, podcasts, etc., and enjoys writing, photography, and/or getting creative within their own brand/social media channels. I also need someone by my side that isn’t afraid to give me honest feedback and ideas, even if it’s the opposite of what I’m currently doing. The more new ideas and conversations we can have, the better!

What does the role entail?

Those that are applying must have interest and experience in the following:

  1. Use social media platforms, specifically Twitter and Instagram.

  2. Likes to write in a creative and intelligent manner, whether for social media, class, or other blogs/publications.

  3. Has some experience in template design using platforms such as Canva.

  4. Has an interest in writing in a newsletter format.

  5. Can act as a sounding board for developing the branding and voice of Hungry Grl Big City.

  6. Has a passion for photography and editing, especially when it comes to food.

  7. Experience and expertise using a camera is appreciated, but not required. As long as you can hit all the right angles with a phone, we’re in business!

  8. Has a flexible schedule and can commit to about 5-8 hours a week of work, meetings, and events -- all depending on the week.

  9. Communication is KEY. I need someone that’s responsive and isn’t afraid to give their honest thoughts and feedback!

NOTE: I am the first person to understand a busy schedule and spur of the moment conflicts -- if there is a week / time where midterms are getting the best of you and you need some time to focus on yourself, I get it! However, I do need someone that plans ahead and can give me such notice.

How will the intern be paid?

I will offer the option of internship credits, if your school/program allows for it. I will also provide all food and transportation costs, with an end of semester bonus. If any product placement content needs to be created, the intern will also have access to keeping products of their choosing. Plus, Hungry Grl swag will also be available.

I am THERE. How do I apply?!

Think you’re a good fit? AMAZING. Send an email my way at containing the following:

  1. Your resume.

  2. A note/letter introducing yourself, who you are, what you do, and why you should be a part of the HGBC team.

  3. Any relevant work you want me to read/see + links to all social channels.

I look forward to hearing more about you and why you want to join the team!


Hungry Grl

Photography credits to my friend, Erin Panosian