Spuntino Wine Bar In Clifton Launches Their New Fall Menu

When I think of fall, I don’t think of “PSL” or cuffing season. Instead, I think of the endless bowls of my mom’s chili I can consume, the fact that red wine can in fact keep you warm, and pumpkin donuts make a comeback. We all have our favorites, right?

Which is why I always get excited over fall menus and dishes. I think it’s 1. logical and 2. appealing to change and form menus are that season’s star ingredients and produce. Last night I had the opportunity to try Spuntino Wine Bar’s new fall offerings, and I can tell you I didn’t leave hungry or disappointed. Plus, I’ll never turn down drinking white and red wine at the same time.

The stars to me were the mushroom risotto equipped with a lovely amount of truffle oil (not pictured because, as you can imagine, mushroom risotto is one of those things that tastes 20943505 times better than it looks), tomato salad with butternut squash, housemade mozzarella, and tomato jam, fried octopus with chickpea salad, and dessert cheese board with the best fig jam I have ever had.

If you’re looking for a cozy date night spot in the North Jersey area where the wine is on point and the dishes are flavorful and fun, here’s your place. However if you need more advice about how to actually get that date, that’s not what I’m here for.

Have you been here before? Let me know at hungrygrl_bigcity@aol.com