Every Day Should Always Be Celebrated With A Murder Burger

When I got an email a month ago about going live on Instagram with The Shannon Rose for National Cheese Burger Day, I was wondering what they would put on the table that would be so different (both literally and figuratively). Well, my questions were answered when I was told we would be making their “Murder Burger.” Yeah, apparently it’s that deadly.

So, a few things went through my mind: 1. How was I going to talk on live camera? 2. How was I going to eat on live camera? and 3. WHAT IS A DEEP FRIED BURGER????????????

Chef Nicole has been making this burger for about 7 years, so she gave me the low-down on all things Murder Burger. It’s an angus patty, grilled and seasoned, with American & Pepper Jack cheeses melted on top and then combined with sautéed onions, jalapeños, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup and Thousand Island dressing on a Brioche bun. THEN, IT’S SOAKED IN HARP BEER BATTER AND DEEP FRIED. Yes that needed to be in all caps. Because is that not like actually insane?

I talked with Chef Nicole throughout the live about her favorite condiment for her fries (obviously ketchup), what she likes to cook in her spare time (anything braised, like a short rib), and how crazy people go for this burger (the answer: pretty crazy).

So, here I am, living to tell the story of how I ate a deep fried cheeseburger on National Cheese Burger Day. And I have to say, this is quote honestly one of the best burgers I have ever had. The deep fried batter keeps all of the ingredients intact and the burger isn’t too messy, while the pickles, sauces, and jalapeños are all a nice touch to the medium-cooked burger. Chef Nicole said most orders come in on Sunday mornings when people are hungover, and I’m thinking I need to try this fix the next time I take too many tequila shots at the bar.

In honor of this amazing holiday, the Murder Burger will be half off in both The Shannon Rose Ramsey & Clifton. If you’ve been wanting to try this burger, now is the time to do it! And if you’re still curious as to how it’s made, watch the Instagram Live on The Shannon Rose NOW.

Have you tried this monster burger before? Let me know your thoughts at hungrygrl_bigcity@aol.com!