Eat Your Pasta Loving Heart Out: The Pasta Shop In Denville, NJ

If there’s one thing I KNOW, it’s pasta. You can add pizza and bagels to the list too, but there is such a fine line between good authentic pasta and a plate of carbs. Which is why I present to you: The Pasta Shop.

Located in a small space off the main drag in Denville, New Jersey, the first thing you see when you walk in is rows and rows of fresh pasta being made for all to see. Different shapes, sizes, and fillings make you excited to open up a menu before you can even sit down (pro tip: I recommend coming for lunch because there’s less of a wait).

What you don’t see first-hand is the fresh ingredients being made at all times: the mozzarella is made in-house and the mozzarella sticks are NEVER. FROZEN. If there is one thing you come here to eat it must be the mozzarella sticks. I have never met a mozzarella stick as sophisticated as these; the cheese is complimented by a light breading and a heaping dusting of parmesan cheese that will leave you questioning why you never indulged in never-frozen mozzarella sticks in the first place.

If that wasn’t enough of an incentive, the menu is constantly changing to reflect the season and the freshest ingredients. The ravioli is constantly changing, as is the other dishes on the menu. So be like me and make sure to dine here at least twice during each season.

Sometimes I wonder if I have a spoiled palette after spending months in Italy, but what I’ve learned is that nothing is better and better-tasting than freshly made pasta. Even if you don’t trust me for any other type of advice, know that I 110% stand behind this restaurant and everything they stand for. The staff is also amazing so be sure to give them a wave and tell them Hungry Grl says hello.

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