A Dirty Jers Staple: White Manna In Hackensack

New Jersey is known for many things: its aggressive drivers, vinyl-booth adorned diners, and its burger scene. If you don’t know about White Manna, now you know.

With about 5 feet of walking space, there isn’t much room inside this historic spot. And yes, you should be intimidated when thinking of coming here for the first time; the menu consists of burgers, fries, shakes, and hot dogs. Seems simple, right? Wrong. You must know to order your mains with the grill-master first, then your drinks and sides with the man on the fryer. It’s a process, yes, but one that’s worth it.

I bet you $5 you could easily eat 4 of these in one sitting. Your topping options: cheese or no cheese, grilled onions, and pickles. And of course they give you a heaping of pickles on the side. Crinkle-cut fries are my weakness, and I truly believe not enough places serve them, which is just another reason why White Manna has my love and affection.

All I’m saying is, if burgers are even remotely your thing, White Manna is well worth any type of wait you have to endure.

Have you been here before? Let me know via hungrygrl_bigcity@aol.com.