Exploring Jersey City: The Hutton Bar & Grill

Jersey City is an area I have personally left undiscovered until this year. I spent about seven months working in Newport, an area consisting of a giant mall, office buildings, and mostly chain-like establishments. Yes, I know, being born and raised in New Jersey almost makes it a sin it took me over 22 years of life to get to this city, but in recent years the city has definitely seen an increase in apartment buildings, craft restaurants, and boutique shopping. Plus, while everyone raves about their love for Hoboken, that leaves JC left in the dust. 

However, there's endless culture to explore in the city’s different sections. Jersey Heights has a reputation for being on the sketchy side, but with recent developments and additions, there seems to be more promise for The Heights. 

That's where The Hutton comes in. Located on Hutton Street between Sanford Place and JFK Boulevard, they "aim to provide a comfortable local pub where you can not only have a pint or glass of wine, but also enjoy great food in a warm, casual setting." Plus, if you're looking for a cozy and backyard-like patio for drinking and bites with friends, here's your answer. Fun fact: there's even a 200 year-old oak tree to sit under.

From brunch to dinner, craft cocktails to wine, even catering, The Hutton has it all. I found this spot as I celebrated my leaving of the same job that brought me to Jersey City in the first place. Suggested by my boss, we split just about every appetizer on the menu; the apple guacamole exceeded my questionable expectations and I'm still thinking about their burger. The menu is a cross between your cult favorites, like crispy onion rings with chipotle sour cream, to some far-fetched creations, like tempura carrots paired with cucumber yogurt dip. I also highly recommend any of their craft cocktails with fun and Jersey-themed names, such as the Jersey City Donkey. And don't even think about not ordering dessert. 

Since I left the restaurant, I've had it on my mind to get back and enjoy the patio while the weather is still sunny and 70 degrees. However, I bet the cozy and heavily wood-adorned interior would be perfect for those chilly, winter nights. 

Have you been here before? Share your thoughts with me via email: hungrygrl_bigcity@aol.com