Christmas Cheer Is In The Form Of Pop-Up Christmas Bars

When I was little, getting excited for Christmas was picking out which cookies to leave out for Santa and eating my bodyweight in carbs while shaking my presents to figure out what they were.

Though not much has changed, there seems to be a phenomenon far larger than Christmas appetizers and sweets: themed pop-up bars. For a select time only, you can go to a specific location and enjoy all things Christmas. With alcohol. For all of my 21+ followers, it sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

This week, I visited two bars in Pittsburgh that are ~ festive ~ for the season. If you’re in the mood for some jolly drinks and some drunk Santa Claus, keep reading.

Buddy The Elf Bar

*insert any line from Elf here*

Yeah, for all you Elf movie-lovers out there, there’s a pop-up bar celebrating all things candy spaghetti, sugary cocktails, and holiday cheer. For two days only, The Commoner in the Kimpton Hotel downtown will have a special bar serving hot whiskey ciders, and the possible appearance of candy-covered spaghetti. Just like the movie itself! But you gotta get there ASAP, aka today or tomorrow.

Miracle On Liberty

Located on, you guessed it, Liberty Ave downtown, the Miracle Pop-Up is no stranger to the streets and people of Pittsburgh. If you know, you know: it literally looks like the Christmas section of Target threw up everywhere. And then hung up 509621324 more lights. The drinks are the definition of festive and are served in a variety of themed cups and mugs. Put on by The Warren, the menu also expands into sushi in case you need a bite in between strong drinks. Part of the proceeds are donated to various outlets, such as 412 Food Rescue.

The bar will run from now until December 31st and is open from 4 PM - 2 AM.

Have a favorite holiday bar where you’re from? Let me know at!