Meet The Popcorn Company With A Purpose: Double Good Popcorn

As I was doing what I do best one day (aka scrolling through my Instagram feed) I came across Double Good, a popcorn company based in Chicago making everyone drool over their colorful Instagram and delicious products. However, that’s not the only thing that caught my eye; it was the meaning of the company’s name. For every dollar made, Double Good donates 50 cents to help children with disabilities play sports and participate in sports-related programs. In other words, half of the profits goes to help children and make a difference in their communities. That, to me, is the definition of a business that cares about making a delicious product while giving back in the process.

I had the opportunity to chat over the phone with Mark Biondi, the VP of Marketing at the company (fun fact: turns out Mark grew up in a few towns over from me in New Jersey… talk about a small world). Throughout our conversation, I could hear the passion and dedication to the company and cause and how happy he was to be driving this amazing change. Below is a synopsis of our discussion and a little bit more about what Double Good is all about.

To start, Double Good was not always called what it is today: about 20 years ago, the company existed as “Popcorn Palace” and sold in Costco, QVC, & Duane Reade. Essentially, they were focused on wholesale while also offering a way for people to fundraise through popcorn sales. One day, they received a letter from a child that fundraised through Double Good and raised enough money so he could play sports, and the meaning and focus for the company changed. They decided to dive head-first into fundraising and founding a company around giving back.

So, they shifted their resources to their fundraising channel, and people started talking about the fundraising they were doing through Double Good. It was through this discussion that caused the company culture to change, including the company’s focus and even their name. So, that’s how Double Good came to be: do something good, and get something good in return.

The re-branding of the company allowed and developed a sense of community amongst the staff and the people that fundraised through them. With everything coming into focus, the company also decided to hire a local Chicago artist to create and develop the artwork on the packaging; each flavor has its own unique name and branding!

Mark loves his job because it allows him to connect Double Good to the rest of the world; besides donating proceeds to specific charities, the company also assists in hosting and sponsoring events for the very children they raise money for. When it comes to his advice for others hoping to find importance in a mission-based company, Mark says; “You’re able to connect with not only the community you’re helping but also your team members when you’re centered around a purpose you can connect.” 

Bottom line, popcorn has the ability to help and touch so many different types of people. If that wasn’t cool enough, each order is made fresh; popcorn isn’t popped until an order is placed. AKA, the next time you’re looking for a delicious gift, party favor, or special event menu item, look no further than Double Good. See the full list of flavors (hint: my faves are Chi-Town Chow Down & Waddle You Do For Cookies?) and learn how you can get involved and give back at AND, obviously be sure to follow them on Instagram @doadoublegood.