The Proper Way To Celebrate National Pasta Day Is With Homemade Pasta

Over the years, I’ve had so many amazing opportunities to make my own pasta. From NYC hotspots to local small-town family-owned businesses, I’ve gotten my hands covered in flour and my camera up close and personal with some of the best noods out there.

Whether you love to cook or are just looking to eat the freshest pasta dishes, here are some of my fave spots to ring in #NationalPastaDay.

  1. The Sosta

    Shoutout to all of my NYC friends! Fun fact: you can have fresh pasta served up to you in the matter of seconds at The Sosta. With shapes like Zucca (aka “pumpkins”) with vodka sauce and gemelli pesto, you’ll want to order them all. Plus, there’s rosé on tap so… what are you waiting for???

  2. Fontanarosa

    Tbt to the pasta video I posted that almost broke the internet. My bracelet pasta-making friend, Anthony, makes his pasta fresh and can be found at an array of restaurants across NJ, including farmer’s markets. However, soon you’ll be able to find his freshly-made ravioli at local supermarkets near you. Until then, I’ll just drool over our pizza ravioli collab we made back in June.

  3. The Pasta Shop

    Do I talk about this place enough? IDTS? Whatever, it’s hands-down some of the best pasta in the state of NJ. And that’s really saying something. The second you walk in, you’re literally greeted by a glass-covered area where fresh pasta in all shapes and sizes is made, including daily-changing ravioli dishes. And if you have a thing for mozz sticks, they’re a must-order.

  4. Lidia’s Pittsburgh

    There’s no such thing as saving the best pasta for last (because every pasta on this list is unreal) but when you can get into the kitchen and make your own pasta, there’s just something super special about it. Lidia’s Executive Chef Daniel Walker teaches his best-kept pasta secrets in his pasta-making classes, held at Lidia’s in the Strip District. Honestly, put me in a room with red wine and ravioli-making supplies and I’ll be a happy Hungry Grl. Tis the season for zucca ravioli, and Chef Daniel does it well (with a little Pittsburgh black & yellow flare). For more information about cooking classes (and reserve your spot for the next one on October 25th) check out the deets here.

What are some of your favorite pasta spots? Let me know at