Friday, October 12th: New Home, Brews, Popcorn, & Tarot Cards

Hi guys, It’s time to get serious about my Feature Friday bit. I’m working on prioritizing patience, spending more time cooking, and exploring this “new” city that I’m living in. Though most of you know that I went to school in Pittsburgh, living here as a rent and bill paying adult is a whole other ball game, but one I am READY to step up to the plate to play.

So, here’s the deal: each Friday, I’ll highlight a certain number of people, places, events, and things that I think are worth talking about. You can choose to read, watch, like, comment — but there is now a “Feature Friday” section of my blog for you to make that decision.

So, let’s start, shall we? Here we go…

New House Who Dis

I honestly do not deserve my beautiful space that I can call my home. Located in my favorite neighborhood and surrounded by amazing food (both amazing and dangerous) there’s exposed brick, a large kitchen, and a fenced in patio. Basically, I’m not sure how I walk out of the door every day. As per request, a house tour will come soon (once I actually put all of the boxes away) but for now, my BRICK FIREPLACE adorned living room pic will have to suffice.


Brewery Opening In Homestead

Last night I went to the grand opening of Enix Brewing, a new space in Homestead with high ceilings, a small patio, and apparently a bowling alley that I completely missed while there. The food tastings consisted of pizza and empanadas (interesting combo, but the food options on the regular menu have a Spanish flare to them) and I chose a fruity IPA to sample (in case you are, fruity and/or sour beer is my vibe). The space is modern, grey, and features visuals from all over the world (obviously swooned over the Italy picture, but was confused by the wordly views). Overall, the space is worth a try if you’re into brews and bowling.


Do A Double Good

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of talking with Mark Biondi, VP of Marketing for Double Good, a popcorn company aiming to change the world by donating .50 cents of every dollar made to help children with special needs play sports. Not only is the mission inspiring and impactful, but the product is delicious, made to order, and comes in the most beautiful packaging. For more information and how to get your hands on the popped goodness, check out my full blog post here.


Meet Tory Lava, Tarot Card Reader And Bad Ass Woman

At the beginning of this year, I met Tory through Instagram (as I meet most people that I become friends with). She posted on her Instagram story that she would do a free tarot card reading for three people that responded to her story; always in need of signs, I obviously replied. I FaceTimed a complete stranger (turned social media friend) and let her read my cards to me. My future card was something along the lines of moving to a new city for work at some point; turns out, it wasn’t a new city, but it was a move that I didn’t plan out too far ahead of time. So, thank you Tori, for predicting something so beautiful to come for me in this messy thing called life.

I asked Tory to share some information about what she’s up to, her favorite foods, and advice she has for the everyday human:

My name is Tory Lava and I am a PR professional, motivational lifestyle blogger, a wannabe plus size model, and a psychic medium, fortune teller, card reader. I found that keeping myself busy with passion projects as overall made me a happier person. I surround myself with good people, who love and support me no matter what crazy idea I have next! When life gets too be too much, and when I want to quit, I just remember all the accomplishments I made, and that I want more from this life. Keep going, stay positive, and live you life in the love and light!

Favorite Foods:

- buffalo chicken anything (wings, wraps, pizza, sandwiches)

- pizza (that's a given)

- fried chicken 

- BBQ Ribs 

- pasta with red sauce (IT'S NOT GRAVY) with extra cheese  

Be sure to follow Tory on Instagram for live card readings and everyday inspiration.


So, that’s all for this week. Drop me a line with your thoughts, questions, and anything that should be on my radar for next week at