Work hard, eat well & stay hungry.

About Hungry Grl

In 2015, I was a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh semi-navigating a newish city and semi-navigating what I wanted to do with my life. With skills in procrastination, I decided to make an Instagram account  dedicated to the amateur food photos I had in my camera roll. Fast forward a few years filled with new internships, trips to foreign countries, new classes, even a college graduation, and that Instagram account has grown into an identity no one could have predicted to grow as much as it has.  

Besides knowing how much I loved eating food, I also knew I had a love for writing about it. Through college classes and outside opportunities, I've grown not only as a business owner and amateur food critic, but I've also grown as a writer and developed my exploration of human connection, along with how I tell the world about these connections and support others in the process. 

Born and raised in New Jersey, I have always understood the importance of an ideal pizza toppings to crust ratio and how to spot an amazing bagel from one that tastes like cardboard. I've also endlessly debated the "gravy or sauce" question and joined in many traditional 'Sunday Dinners.' But at the end of the day, I'm just a girl that likes to eat and tell other people about it. 

Over the years, my account has opened the doors to so many unimaginable partnerships and opportunities, such as (but not limited to): Cosmopolitan Magazine, Kraft Heinz, Forbes, Jets, Boars Head, Baked By Melissa, Business Insider, various Food Network Chefs, Citi Bank, US Open, McDonald's, Love Your Melon, Her Campus, Spoon University, and many more. 

So, who exactly is Hungry Grl? I like to think she's a cross of Guy Fieri and Carrie Bradshaw: a huge appetite for all things fried and an even bigger serving of sass. No matter what you like to eat or where you live, I hope in some way this page inspires your next meal, trip, or big life move in some way. 

Cheers to full plates and always staying hungry. 


Hungry Grl 

P.S. - If you’re ever wondering where my previous blog went, don’t worry. Though inactive, she still exists here.